Registrations for MUN 2024
will be open from 31 May 2023 onwards

Having read all the information carefully and chosen countries to represent, Advisors now need to send an email or fill this form with the following details:

MUN 2024 Conference Prices
These prices include lunches, bus transportatio to and from the school andl a social event.

  • Delegates         100 € 

  • Advisors               70 € 

  • Chairs                    60 € 


Pre-registration allows you to reserve your space at the conference, to select countries, and to apply early for chair positions. We also include a reminder of Key Dates so that you can plan your attendance. We appreciate your help in determining how many students and advisors we can look forward to hosting.

Before November 30th of this year, your registration will need to be finalized through our website. Final registrations will open September 15th and close November 30th. Your non-refundable pre-registration fee will be deducted from your final payment.

If you are an advisor and interested in attending the conference, please go to the registration link to register your students.  

If you are having trouble registering through the link or if you are registering as an individual high school student, please write tu us at 

Let us know the name and address of your school, how many students bringing, and if any are interested in sitting for the Arctic Council. 

Applications for chair positions are also being accepted now.  Send them to

Apply to registration

Apply to pre-registration

Payment Instructions

Banco Popular – Grupo Santander

  • Holder: Fundación Urki
  • Account: 0075 0092 8206 0116 6325
  • IBAN: ES24 0075 0092 8206 0116 6325
  • Please specify the name of the delegate or delegation in the transfer and send the receipt of the transfer to
  • Have in mind that the possible bank charge must be paid by you, it cannot be part of the transferred fee.
  • Your application won’t be confirmed otherwise.
  • We won’t refund any pre-registration fee.
MUN Bilbao en Juntas Generales de Gernika
Logo Mun Bilbao

Thank you for your interest in MUN Bilbao.  Every year, the conference is held during the last weekend in January, beginning at 17:00 on Thursday and finishing on Sunday at 15:00.   Once again, we are honored to be inviting students and their advisors from around the world to take part in this enriching experience. MUN Bilbao is open to high school students, ages 14-18. 

Registration begins May 31st with tickets for delegates costing €100, €70 for advisors , and €60 for chairs.  The prices include bus transportation to and from the school and Bilbao city center on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Your ticket also includes lunches each day and a special dinner on Saturday night.

To register your school, advisors should fill in the form online and pay the non-refundable €50 fee.   Registration ends the 30th of November and all fees must be paid in full by the 15th of December.

For regularly updated information about the topics and committees, chairs´ reports, the conference timetable, and how to get around Bilbao, we encourage you to browse our website frequently. 

We want you to know that Bilbao is a vibrant city with a lot to offer visitors on a variety of budgets and assure you that you won´t be disappointed.

For this reason that we encourage you to find accommodation in the center of Bilbao because we will send buses to the Plaza Moyua once in the morning and once in the afternoon to transport conference attendees.  Please follow the link to get more information about hotels, restaurants, and what to do in Bilbao:  If you choose to stay in a hotel that is not in the center of Bilbao, you will have to assume responsibility for your own transportation to and from the event. 

If your students are interested in being chairs or working on the Press Team, we would love to know.  Send us an email at as soon as you can to apply for a position.

Delegates are expected to research their countries well and send in a position paper no later than the 1st of January.  They should come to the conference ready to debate with a draft of their resolution in hand.

We can´t wait to see you then!


Warm regards,

The Secretary General of MUN Bilbao

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