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Ayalde will provide buses to and from the events related to the conference, a stop in the morning in the center of Bilbao to pick up students and advisors and the return.  Students staying at hotels  near the airport will also be provided bus service to and from the conference, once in the morning and once at the end of each day.

Below you will find some useful information about transportation services in Bilbao:






Metro Bilbao Underground Trains


Regional Train


City Line

Suggested restaurants for big groups

Tagliatella Italian Restaurant 
Goiko Grill Burguers
El Dinámico Burguers
Chinese and Japanese Food
Asia Chic
Chinese and Japanese Food
Carl´s Burguers
Restaurante Club Deportivo Bilbao

Hostels and Hotels

Ibis Hotel Bilbao Centro

Bilbao Metropolitan Hostel Boosh
Photo Zabalburu Hotel
Ibis Budget Bilbao Centro
Bilbao Central Hostel
Pil Pil Hostel
Bilbao City Center by abba Suites

Holiday Inn Express (free airport shuttle)

Hotel Seminario Aeropuerto

Hotel Seminario Aeropuerto. Prices per room and day. Accommodation and buffet breakfast included. Free parking. Wifi. 

  • Individual ……………..….….. 80€
  • Doble (2 pax) ………………. 85€
  • Triple (3 pax) ….………….. 130€
  • Cuádruple (4 pax) ……… 165€
  • Quíntuple (5 pax) …….… 190€   

Booking: reservas@hotelseminariobilbao.com

Reference: MUN BILBAO 2024

Private Bus

Autocares Eusko Travel
Autocares Gandhi S.L

Social security covered Hospitals

Hospital de Basurto

Hospital de Cruces

Hospital de Galdakao-Usansolo

Hospital de Gernika-Lumo

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